The Red Poppies Fall

The red poppies fall on this armistice day.

100 years gone by, where old soldiers lay.

To commemorate fallen, we sit quiet to pray.

Hear the faint sound of the bugle’s soft call.

On a blood soaked battlefield,such young men did fall.

The war may be won,but the battle still lost.

Humans paid with their life and sacrificed all.

But at such deadly cost,with much greater loss.

Death and destruction is all that’s around.

Buildings and houses now lay on the ground.

Trenches now empty with footprints still there.

For the shell shocked and injured.

No words of war spoken its too heard to bear.

Mothers,wives,children,husbands and sons

Carry battles scars so deep, never to be undone

Like barbed wire cuts skin ,lives are so broken

What world is this now,what life will they know

When the clock strikes 11am, down our heads bow

To remember the fallen,the fighting and frail

These unsung true heroes will keep standing tall

Poppies keep falling always leaving there mark

If you listen from a distance hear the call of the bugle

With tears in our eyes and hurt we can’t hide

Pride in our hearts as we stand side by side

Each one affected in our own personal way

As the sun starts to fall , day is fading away

We owe them our lives for our freedom today

"We will remember them "

©Poem By Mrs Melanie Palliser

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