Fine Art by John Palliser, Poetry and Photography by Melanie Palliser

This is the home of British Patriotic Art. About messages hidden in plain sight. Pictures within pictures & stories within stories. Inspired by the mystery of secret societies such as English Knight art,the Knights Templar,s & Freemasons. The interpretation of patriotism of our nation history portrayed in patriotic art. This includes depicting our nation’s struggles, the freedom achieved and our fight to protect our national patriotic identity, to further motivate, inspire with the hope and encourage future generations to develop patriotic feelings in themselves, inspiring British people to work & fight for the nation’s defence, and continuing growth.
"Whatever your interest’s be it World War 1 ,World War 2, the Crusades, medieval history, knights Templar art or just enjoy & appreciate Paintings, Photographs and Poems. Feel free to sit and observe for a while, see if you can discover the symbolic stories and messages hidden in the paintings. As they may not always be as they seem.

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