The Crusades



Original oil on canvas painting, signed by the artist, John Palliser. All prints come with a certificate of authentication and are mounted in a high quality, hand made frame. Created to commemorate the British Fallen – by artist John Palliser Size 35″ x 25.5 (94cm x 70 cm) plus frame size variable Please contact us for more information and custom inquiries.


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The Crusades were a series of military campaigns during the time of Medieval England against the Muslims of the Middle East. In 1076, the Muslims had captured Jerusalem – the most holy of holy places for Christians. Jesus had been born in nearby Bethlehem and Jesus had spent most of his life in Jerusalem. He was crucified on Calvary Hill, also in Jerusalem. There was no more important place on Earth than Jerusalem for a true Christian which is why Christians called Jerusalem the “City of God”.

However, Jerusalem was also extremely important for the Muslims as Muhammad, the founder of the Muslim faith, had been there and there was great joy in the Muslim world when Jerusalem was captured. A beautiful dome – called the Dome of the Rock – was built on the rock where Muhammad was said to have sat and prayed and it was so holy that no Muslim was allowed to tread on the rock or touch it when visiting the Dome.


Original oil on canvas painting, signed by the artist, John Palliser.

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Dimensions 50 × 1 × 45 in