My Angel

An angel came to me last night.

While I was sleeping in my bed

She gave a quiet sigh.

As she gently touched my head.

“Worry not no more”

She said to me, “things will be ok”

Close your eyes and go to sleep

For tomorrow’s another day.

I thought I might be dreaming

I couldn’t possibly be awake

Listening to an angel

Must be some mistake!

But as I opened my eyes, and I was fully aware

Surrounding this angel was a beautiful glare

Like snowflakes all glistening in the cool midday sun

As I sat watching quietly

The angel began

“your face is so pretty

Yet so sad aswell

You have words to say

But no one to tell

The light in your eyes has faded to grey

You love being here, but feel in the way.

You’re a wonderful mother

Lover and wife

You just can’t put up with trouble and strife!

You need to slow down, stop where you are

You won’t give up now

After coming this far

You need to feel loved,

Appreciated too

Nobody realizes one thing I’m sure

Just what joy you put in their lives

They couldn’t ask for no more“.

My eyes where still watery being half asleep

This angel she promised her word she would keep.

Still dazed and confused from what I had seen

I really still thought I was having a dream

All of a sudden an amazing bright light

Appeared so brightly from out of the night

“I must go back now”, the angel did sigh

To look down upon you

From a special place in the sky.

She took a deep breath and started to sing

Raised up her head and opened her wings

Just one last glance as she turned round to me

“your guide and protection,

This I will always be

I will always surround you

But you will never see.

©Poem By Melanie Palliser

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