This is my kingdom

My castle

My home

I don't wear a crown

Nor sit on a throne

I am such a lady

But have no title you see

I am high and mighty

When I want to be

But do quite enjoy

A nice cup of tea

My flags hang proudly

Outside of my door

All of then commoners

Stare on with awe

I don’t talk posh

That’s really not me

 have my four princes

His lordship as well

Still I don't need a butler

To ring on a bell

I’m quite eccentric

I’m hip and so bold

Suppose that’s the best way

Before I’m too old.

I don't need gold coins

Or fancy old rings

Music and laughter

Are my favourite things

I'm proud and outspoken

Say what I think

I love a good singsong

And even a drink

I’m proud to be ENGLISH

Don’t care what you think!

©Poem By melanie Palliser

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