My angel never came this year.

I don’t know where she’s gone.


has left us, feeling scared and so alone.

They said we would have to lockdown.

Just for a week or two?

Because there’s a deadly virus.

But its nothing like the flu.

We have to stay indoors, to keep each other safe.

World is now so strange….hands..face…space.

No more hugging or holdings hands.

No dancing in the street.

Pubs, shops and the cinema, no places we can meet.

So many sadly lost their life ,and had to die alone.

While so many broke the rules.

The heartbreak and the suffering, due to many selfish fools.

You can go out for your essentials, medicine and food.

Not for raves or parties or trips down to the coast.

This virus simply cannot spread , if it does not have a host.

Towns and streets are empty now, schools are shut as well.

No sound of childrens laughter, just empty playgrounds.

The awakening sound that once was life, now not a sound.

We stopped clapping on our doorstep,

stopped hearing natures call.

On the frontline and key workers, the virus has now took its toll.

Masks now cover faces, inbetween are spaces.

The sorrow left in peoples eyes.

Expression gone, pain is hard to hide.

The isolation of a nation, is a pandemic on its own.

Keeping safe behind closed doors, yet feeling so alone.

Our mental health is suffering, doing so much on our own.

Home schooling is a challenge ,our children miss their friends.

If it weren’t for gin and tonic ,we’d be driven round the bend.

So for now lets stick together, vaccines rolling out.

Staying in and staying safe, to see our friends and family.

To save the human race.

©Poem by Melanie Palliser.


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