From when you are small, until you are tall,It’s something that affects us all.

 spots and zits those hairy bits Driving everyone up the wall

Favourite shoes, teenage blue’s, impatient when you wait in queues

Growing Pains!

Are not very nice, itchy head full of lice?

Sleeping in until you are late, making everybody wait

Moody days, it is all your fault, hair not straight no time to halt

Huffing puffing, stamping round

Growing Pains!

We know that sound,

 lazy day’s just lounging round,Dirty clothes lay all around,

 pretending not to hear a sound,Far too stressed, to get up for school,

 or even get dressed so not kool

Playing games while dinner cooks, posting stuff on your Facebook

Growing Pains

Dashing here, dashing there never having time to spare

Need some money time to go

Growing pains…..and up they grow!

©Poem By melanie palliser

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