Girl in a Shoe

There was a young woman who lived in a shoe

She had four children, and felt ever so blue

She cleaned and cleaned, night and day

Wishing her worries would go away.

Sweeping and mopping, wash wipe and dust.

This is all she'd do from morning tile dusk

Although she dearly loved her children, all four.

She just didn't know who she was anymore.

Her smiles turned to frowns, her eyes fade to grey.

She hides all her feelings away every day.

She keeps herself busy, cleaning away.

Doing what’s right, so everyone's ok.

But when the day would finally end

All she longed was an ear to bend.

Telling of her day, and the feelings she had.

Just to be heard would make her ever so glad.

She sometimes sits and ponders...what if? And oh why?

She wishes things, had been much the years gone by.

She carries on not saying much, just longing for a tender touch

Making sure everyone’s alright, that was her job, all day and night.

The little things she asked in return were not much at all.

She just loved to sing and dance and laugh, feel relaxed in a bubble bath.

But nowadays the fun has faded, she feels just like a glorified maid.

So she lives in her shoe....still feeling blue! :(

©Poem BY  Melanie Palliser

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