Sunday, 17 December 2017


artist john palliser patriot art


 British Patriot, Military, Knights Templar and Conceptual Art .


Artist & illustrator John Palliser  

english flag 

 “ British Patriotic Art is the interpretation of Patriotism, or our nation’s history in patriotic art. This includes paintings which depict our nation’s struggles, the freedom achieved and our fight to protect it. Our national patriotic identity to motivate, to inspire with the hope and encourage future generations to develop patriotic feelings in themselves, inspiring British people to work & fight for the nation’s defence, continuing prosperity & growth, battles and wars, stories of the freedom, great fighters who sacrificed their blood & lives, encapsulated in our historical events and our country’s glory.

Whatever your interest’s WW1 or WW2, the Crusades, Saxon’s, medieval history, knights Templar Art or Paintings of Great Britain, whatever the occasion, find the oil painting for you,  show your Patriotism with your very own bespoke painting a unique patriotic paintings, be it a military paintings, medieval Painting or knights Templar Painting.

These affordable  framed & ready to hang Signed & Certificated by the artist John Palliser limited edition prints, beautifully produced  deivered direct to your door. So visit our  Gallery and please enjoy browsing our site at your leasiure.




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