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About Patriot & Heritage Art


About Patriot Art


“Heritage or Patriotic Art is the interpretation of Patriotism, or a nation’s history in patriotic art. This includes paintings which depict our nation’s struggles, the freedom achieved and our fight to protect it. Our national patriotic identity to motivate, to inspire with the hope and encourage future generations to develop patriotic feelings in themselves, inspiring British people to work & fight for the nation’s defence, continuing prosperity & growth. Patriotic Art can cover Civil War Art, or Art related to our nation’s freedom movements, battles and wars, stories of the freedom, great fighters who sacrificed their blood & lives, encapsulated in our historical events and our country’s glory. John Palliser now works out of the North East of England, having travelled widely over the course of a long career of military service with The Royal Engineers & Royal Military. Working as an artist for over thirty years, he established “Patriot Art“ in 2010. The passion that he has brought to his work over this time runs visibly through each piece that he produces. Born in the South of England, John Palliser first established himself painting 3D murals in homes, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings; later creating paintings of the various canal-ways throughout the Midlands. For much of his early career he specialised, with much success, in depicting the evocative seascapes and landmarks of North Norfolk. More recently, his work has taken on an increasingly symbolic aspect, with his deep-felt sense of patriotism and loyalty to his country coming very much to the fore. Along with his love of Britain, John’s work celebrates the values that are central to British life and the British character, such as decency, honesty, courage and a dogged determination to succeed. John uses his artwork as a means of communicating his feelings across a broad range of issues and feels that his paintings provide the perfect medium to do this, using them as his own voice with which to speak. Much of John’s recent work communicates his belief that war is an inevitable fact of human nature. War provides the perfect backdrop for John’s work as it is here, where life is at its most intense, where true character and bravery emerge; embedded in surroundings of deep depravity and horror. John’s thought-provoking work examines the intensity of the life of servicemen, questioning the position of warfare in modern life and in the development of civilisation as it stands today. It has been said that John’s work is most fully appreciated by those who have served in the military or who have experienced warfare themselves. His work explores the sacrifices of war, as well as its glory and its folly. John believes that those who have experienced warfare are permanently altered by it’s impact, and that the spirit of loyalty and willingness to fight in order to protect one’s values last with a serviceman until their death. John believes fervently that the greatest human values are passed from one generation to another most effectively through family and tradition. These are themes that run palpably throughout his work. John returns to the international art world after an absence of fifteen years. You may remember his controversial award-winning work of the 1980s, featured in Stevenage Gordon Craig Gallery, which drew widespread media attention. John, who grew up surrounded by art, dedicated his recent return to artistic life to his late father. H.H. Palliser was a renowned Norfolk Artist who spent his lifetime developing a unique style, combining the contemporary-simplistic and traditional art aesthetics; a style which has greatly influenced John’s own.