Thursday, 26 November 2020


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How to market & Sell your artwork on social Networking sites 

How to Start

You will need a e-mail address to get visit the most frequently used social networking sites. With more than 150 million members worldwide, Facebook is a premier spot where artists and other creative people promote there work. MySpace, Flickr is a photo-hosting site that many artists. All of the sites allow you to post the latest news about your life and work, share photos and keep in touch with your ever-growing circle of  potential purchasers LinkedIn is  the most business oriented of all the social-networking sites and a good place to meet other professionals in a similar field. Twitter is a growing online network focused around micro blogging  quick update service where users are limited number of characters per update.

First Create a winning profile make your profile comprehensive & Sing

Provide links to more information about yourself, website, art-related awards you’ve received, your blog,  galleries of your work, galleries that feature your work, and articles written about you. In addition to providing loads of links, to make your pitch about your artistic passion .”Upload  lots of examples of your best work.

Let people get a clear idea of your work within the social networking site itself. Creating a portfolio of available artwork including details and prices. Letting visitors know how to purchase your work such as a ECWID, Fine art America which provided Shopping widgets that can be installed into your social media and websites are essential to turning passive visitors into active buyers.

 Build your Network
 build up your list of contacts LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and even Twitter (to a lesser extent) all have well-defined groups you can join, where like-minded people exchange views and ideas .

 Host an online events
Want to create your own online art event? In Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, you can easily create an event and then promote the happening to your network of friends, family, potential clients and anyone else who would be interested. Promote your events let people know about upcoming, open studios & exhibitions 

Social media literacy is an essential skill for all artists to master.being able to effectively use social media to self-promote and create a lasting, active community that will continue to support you.When using any social media tool, there some important rules to follow:
 Don’t lead with tools, lead with relationships.
You aren’t going to get anywhere by blindly twittering promotional material 20 times a day.  In fact, that’s probably a pretty good way to annoy your fans.  Instead of looking at these tools as a platform solely for spewing content, think of them as a way to get involved in the conversation of your community. 
Use tools as an aide to build community.
When you are an artist, community is everything.  It is your bread and butter and if your fans are not strong and loyal, you will not survive.  You do not have to be a household name to be successful if you have a strong community.
Tell your story.
You want to use social media to connect and engage with your audience on a personal level. People remember stories, so why not tell yours?  And I don’t mean a stale bio that you find on all these artists’ websites.  I mean something personal, written by you, about you, that readers will want to tell other people.  One interesting and memorable anecdote or fact makes it easier for your fans to promote you.
Create an incentive for users to come back.
Make your fans feel special and give them something they can’t get anywhere else.
Building community, making a personal connection, and actively engaging your audience is not only important, it is necessary to set yourself apart from everybody else. Be authentic and be yourself.