Saturday, 22 September 2018


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Photographer .& Poet Melanie Palliser 


Melanie Palliser


I am a qualified photographer and hope you enjoy taking a look though the pictures that I have produced and you get as much pleasure looking at them as I did in taking them, I am developing my style i hope my enthusiasm and enjoyment shows through in my images I am currently descovering landscape, these shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features. Disturbances of landscapes.. As with most forms of art, the definition of a landscape photograph is broad, and may include urban settings, industrial areas, nature photography this is why Hardwick Park is a particular favourite location of mine. Beautiful, serene surrounding with a calm and tranquil touch. As with most forms of art, the definition of a landscape, street photography, also portraits are all unique in style my creativity hopes to capture within my photographs  my fascination with the many ways in which a photo can portray  so many fantastic moments  I’ve been working to define what I love most about images and making them. This has been a challenge. I ask myself what I love, and what I really love. What am I drawn to for its own sake, what kind of imagery has the most draw for me? Hardwick park is of special  interest, I’m excited about this process and the focus it’s bringing to my work. Particularly thrilling is the way that, with practice, I’m learning to recognize my own passions more easily. This has brought me the increased confidence to pursue them. When it comes to photography I like to explore the world around me, finding different ways in which to make my photos unique to me.. But I’ve found that pursuing passion is not that easy. You’d think there would be nothing easier in life than doing what you have enthusiasm for,  After all, photography is what I love!  And when I am able to further develop my style it is then that I can truly follow my passion, aswell as being a busy,wife and  mum to 4 boys I also use my photography for my own mental well being, as well as living with a long term chronic pain condition, so my photography helps keep me focused and i'm hoping ot be able to inspire others  to take it up Photography as the world around us has so much more than at first  meets the eye.


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